The eternal, ever-changing model is the energy behind its own variations, though through their existence these replenish and reinstate the model. Lining the known self up with its model can be explained as a magic act or as a scientific one, according to your orientation and framework of belief. This recognition of the model by the known self is, at our level of existence, a further creative mutation. Instantly, fuller powers are brought into play for effective action, in which the model and its creative version interact with new exuberance.

Within this elastic yet supportive framework there is, then, an order in which all action occurs. Indeed, the nature of the framework itself (the blueprint) causes all action, for the models themselves maintain their eternal integrity on the one hand, yet constantly create their own variations. These tendencies are everywhere active, in biological structures and psychological states, and are reflected outward into the behavior of nations and governments.

In this context, the terms “revelation” and “revolution” are pertinent. Each variation upon a model is a revelation which in turn brings about a revolution of a kind; a change in a previous condition. The revolution makes sense, however, only in terms of the model it represents or is acting against. The violent revolutions that often occur in the psyche within, or in the world without, are basically unnecessary. They represent an ignorance of the connections between models and their eccentricities; and the give-and-take between them.

The known self or focus personality becomes aware of its own sources yet is struck anew by its own uniqueness as itself. The model or source self becomes more responsive, more aware of its own creation, and freshly delighted by the recognition given it by its offspring. A more flexible give-and-take results, in which the joys of mortality are triply experienced by the focus personality because of its comprehension of its own timelessness. The contract brings a new dimension into experience time. To some extent, the focus personality and its model or source self coincide; the focus personality is “magnetized,” drawn to its model, which is then drawn to earthly experience. Coincidences then occur that line up inner and outer experiences that the focus personality can tune into other versions of itself, bringing further knowledge and experience into normal living.

… I was again struck by is classic nature and inevitability, and by the feeling that the material is true on its own whether or not it is ever accepted by anyone… yet in other terms it’s like a monument with writing on it, in some other dimension, there for those who want to read it even if generations pass it by.

Once we become consciously aware of the models within the psyche, we have much greater freedom: either to creatively deviate from them or to conform to their mental contours, according to our purposes. Such awareness instantly opens up the effective use of power in our lives, for we’re automatically encountering aspects of our own greater being.

Mankind views physical life as exteriorized and outside of the context of mind. Yet the universe is the three-dimensional projection of minds’ activity. The phenomenal world springs into being in accordance with inner models. Infinite versions of these bridge the gap between the invisible and the visible, taking physical form and then returning to the inner models in which their overall vitality resides.



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